i have galaxies growing inside of me

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not only does this look great but its a good way to recycle your nangs!!!


Anonymous: hey you might be hungry all the time because your body is craving specific nutrients - while i know u live a busy life and might not have time for eating super duper healthy all the time you could look into multi-vitamins (look for ones with iron, b vitamins, iodine, magnesium, zinc, calcium...) :D also stress, not enough sleep and drinking will make u super hungry... good luck!

thankyou!!! yeah shit i’ve totally stopped taking all my vitamins since i moved and now im drinking more ok ill try remember this stuff :)

someone plz just punch me in the face

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Beautiful Verity by george foster 2014


aww i luv u guiz :’)
awkwardly trying to pose in my new backyard looool but check out this opshop find which i cut up a bit and removed the shoulder pads from… i just really love the pattern ~ so funky so fresh ~

so ummm last night i was dancing and hooking up with this really hot guy (who wasnt a douchebag!!!) and typical weird me said no to going back to his and just went home with my friends buuuut then today i was walking through the city and ran into him while he was handing out freebies on the street for some job and he gave me lots of free butter and i nearly died omg and then i contemplated inviting him to my house party but idk im such an awkward pleb ahhh fml im sure ill run into him again soon enough lol

"the future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty"
Anonymous: writing this on anon so you HAVE to publish it lol vez i haven't read ur tumblr in aaaaages and i just had a catch up to see what uve been up to and saw ur 'dear best friend post' man i don't think i really tell u enough how much i miss u, we have had some crazy and amazing times that feel just like yesterday I've been so homesick lately so I'm looking forward to being in perth in a couple of months. i had tears reading that :( but we will reunite soon i luv u to th moon and back xxxxx

aww emdawg my bby dont worry we will reunite soon! and i have a super duper amazing surprise for you too!!!!! lets skype in the next few days coz im finally gonna have internet!