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just a confirmation that the whole thigh gap trend is stupid. you dont need to go on a diet or do a shitload of squats to achieve it. all you do is bend your legs outwards and lean over in the position i like to refer to as the retarded pigeon. i dont see why men care so much about the distance between a girls thighs when they should really be worrying about whether or not they can actually get between those legs.

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    Men don’t care about a thigh gap….only girls do. Notice, I said girls not women. Women don’t care about a thigh gap...
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    Theirs no actual way of getting a thigh gap unless you’re anorexic or have surgery! I love who ever made this post, the...
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    MEN don’t care about the distance between a girls thighs, it’s GIRLS who care, a lot, and the only time I’ve EVER HEARD...
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  8. overwon said: Preach it~ (well I mean except for the bit about how men should be worrying about getting between women’s legs bc that’s still pretty stupid)
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